New Canada FSTC Set to Open In January 2013

In the churning process of Canadian skilled Immigration program, some provisions are being introduced to give migration policy a comprehensive expanse and extent. With high skilled segment to commence in May 2013 a new category to serve specific basic trades (Federal skilled trades’ class) classification has been created to cater to the requirement of tradesmen in various sectors and industries. This New Canada FSTC Set To Open In January 2013 and expected date is 02nd of January 2013.

The new classification has been inducted into the restructured immigration provisions to grant entry permission and residential permits to experienced trade specialist individuals practicing in professions listed in NOC B tabulation i.e. Industrial, electrical and construction, Maintenance and Equipment Operation Professions; Supervisors and Technical Occupations in Natural Resources, Agriculture and Related Production, Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities Supervisors and Central Control Operators, Chefs and Cooks, and Bakers and Butchers.

These professions are indicated in

  • NOC Major Group 72
  • NOC Major Group 73
  • NOC Major Group 82
  • NOC Major Group 92
  • NOC Minor Group 632
  • NOC Minor Group 633

People intending to gain entry under New Canada FSTC Opening in January 2013 will need fulfill 4 mandatory specifications deemed critical for this classification i.e.

  • A qualified and authentic employment offer from 1 or 2 Canadian employers that must carry a term of atleast 1 year or trade endorsement from a state apprenticeship body
  • Evidencing linguistic skills through certified and designated language testing examination agency like IELTS. These parameters will cover all 4 areas of linguistic proficiency – speaking, writing, listening and reading.
  • Trade exposure of atleast 24 months in previous 5 year period that immediately precedes filing of request for residential permit under Canada FSTC Opening In January 2013. The desired exposure must have been accumulated after accomplishment of qualification
  • Fulfill and meet all basic and fundamental trade specific parameters deemed to be essential for that trade premise. These specifications must necessarily confirm all descriptions and definitions indicated in NOC.

One year employment offer stipulation has been indented into the statutes to meet several project centric and seasonal employment needs of numerous Canadian employment agencies and sectors. This scheme aims to provide opportunities to trained and sufficiently experienced tradesmen to settle in the local environment within first year of arrival in the country.

New Canada FSTC Opening in January 2013 has lot in promise for the specific occupation specialists and tradesmen as it will provide sufficient opportunities for an easy integration of new entrants into the local environment.

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