Eligibility Criteria for Lithuania Resident Permit Immigration Visa

Lithuania is better identified as a beautiful Northern European nation, and an active member of Schengen countries. The country has successfully set itself on the path of progress and witnessed a wonderful result – after strengthening its economy that creates adequate job opportunities to its citizens. Even having EURO its currency, the country will become a full-fledged member of the European Union (EU) in 2014.

If you are one among those who are keen to immigrate to the country then it will be a wonderful effort from your side for getting a huge opportunity that makes you enable to prosper in your life.

Unlike other countries, Lithuania also offers a helping hand to those who are looking for live and work opportunity in the country – by offering lots of visa options – Skilled Worker Visa, Investor Visa Program, Temporary Resident Visa and Permanent Resident Visa Program. Depending on the category one can choose the right visa program to immigrate to the country.

Talking about Lithuania Residence Permit grants an individual to make their stay in the most attractive country for a limited period of three months within half a year, which will be considered from his arrival date. Such type of visa is applied by those who are from business background and keen to establish their business in the country.

To apply for a resident permit in Lithuania, following documents must be submitted by the applicants.

  1. The applicants must provide a written application of the established form
  2. A valid passport or travel documents
  3. Copy of several necessary documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate ( in case of migrating with souse or to spouse)
  4. Child’s date of birth certificate, in case of traveling with a child, child’s passport must also be submitted
  5. The applicants must have to pay state fee after entering Lithuania
  6. A copy of health insurance
  7. A copy of accommodation details in the country
  8. The applicants must prove themselves financially strong for staying in the country
  9. A copy of documents related to foreigner’s right to get a permanent resident permit

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