US will end deportation of young illegal migrants, says Barack Obama

United States has made a clear intention to stop the deportation of young illegal migrants – a latest announcement made by the US president Barack Obama that the country will stop to deport the young children illegally staying in the country – will came into an effect immediately.

The announcement was made by Obama in favor of these young children aiming to make them free from the shadow of deportation.

“It must be clear that, we are not doing this for something like amnesty or immunity; it is also not a path for getting a permanent citizenship. We are doing only it as a right thing to do,” said President Obama while interviewing by media persons.

Besides, the proposed plan also fulfills the wonderful aim of ‘Dream act’ – an effort to provide a path to such illegal young migrants.

Talking about some major aspects and purpose of the new announcement, Obama said, “The changes come in the form of a great hope to patriotic, self-driven and patriotic youngsters, and also makes country’s immigration system more efficient and fair.”

According to the new announcement, the illegal migrants will not have to face the deportation menace anymore– to avoid this – they however have to satisfy the following requirements.

  1. The applicants must ensure that they were brought in the US under the age 16 years, they must not be more than 30 years old
  2. The applicants must ensure that they have been residing in the US for at least five years
  3. The applicants must not have any criminal record
  4. The applicants must have completed their education in the US, and served the country as a military or earned a GED

Besides this, the applicants are offered a privilege of applying for a work permit – will be valid maximum for two years – its renewal option doesn’t include any barrier in terms of how many times it will be renewed.

Expressing a great concern about the young illegal migrants, Obama said, “These young people spend important part of life in our country, they attend our schools, spend quality of time with us, play with our kids as a friend, they are American by their heart.”

Michael Bloomberg, Mayer of New York city, fully supported the proposed plan, by saying that stop deportation of young migrants who have potential to contribute in economic growth as well as capable of driving tomorrow’s economy is long overdue. Several reforms are needed to make our immigration policy better and fair considering the economic needs.

On the contrary, the Republican lawmakers bluntly accused the government – by expressing it an effort to enhance the political stand and also considering the elections approach.

“Obama government once again came with a partisan politic by bringing the illegal immigrants ahead of American citizens and the rule of laws.”

Mitt Romney, the Republican Presidential candidates, also expressed his dissatisfaction about Obama’s decision as he is concerned for offering a long term solution to this.

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