Emirates Airline Commencing Online Tourist Visa Service

Emirates Airline has recently begun a service which allows the passengers to get their visit visas through online medium. It is a move to lure more and more visitors including the ones from various parts of India, especially those tourists who are not granted visas automatically!

The airline has confirmed that the facility is granted to residents of 35 mentioned nations, adding that the visas would be granted provided the applicants fulfill all the pre-requisites attached with the visa process.

In addition, there are certain guidelines marked by Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department, which becomes a necessity to fulfill when it comes to applying for an online visa. As far as the cost is concerned, the official statement from the airlines confirms that USD 44 would be charged for a 36-hour visa while USD 57 would be the cost of a 30-day visa. The service fee would be charged on a separate basis.

The delivery would be done within four international working days and the status can be identified at the official Emirates website later on. The facility is granted to the holders of Emirates tickets, no matter from where they have booked their tickets from, be it the official website or some travel agent.

The facility is commenced in its initial phase, for which it has been made available to 35 nations, including some from various continents. In the later phase, the facility would be made available to a wide range of target audience including the offline markets.

Surely, a healthy way to attract more and more visitors and boost business!

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