No More Child Detention at Dungavel Removal Centre

After a continuous criticism by the Scottish government, reports have confirmed that Dungavel Removal Centre would hold no more child-detention now.

The statement by UK immigration minister Damian Green confirmed that those clans which are detained in Scotland along with their kids would now be moved to another specially mentioned metropolis (Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre) in Bedfordshire. The changes would be implemented with immediate effect. It has also been stated that clans who are detained north of the border would be going through some screening before moving to the one at Bedfordshire, which is speculated to have particular facilities for clans and small kids.

The policy came into existence after a huge dilemma concerning a woman Sehar Shebaz and her small kid Wanya who were detained at the centre. It has been confirmed that Mike Russell, Education Secretary of Scotland contacted Home Secretary Theresa May, depicting his views about the woman and her daughter from Pakistan. It has been said that the mother and daughter are now moved to Bedfordshire.

The immigration minister has officially confirmed the end of the practice linked with the detention of children. He said that it is something which was called by certain Scotland groups for a while now and now they have come out with a positive outcome finally. He hopes that the plans would get agreement within the next few months.

The minister said that work has been started, and the process serves in their own interest, in addition to those kids who are under detention.

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