Employment Scenario For Migrant Workers In Canada Improving But…

According to Statistics Canada–the national federal government organization created to proffer important data and information on the country, its populace, assets, economy, people, and society–although for the migrant workers in Canada, job prospects have become better somewhat, of late, the rate of employment for them remains not-too-impressive, vis-à-vis the Canada-born workers.

Employment rate down for migrants

Statistics Canada adds that migrants in the country face low employment prospects, as compared to the Canada-born employees. It becomes clear from the examination of the rate of job for the overseas people staying inside the Maple Country over the past couple of years.

Despite the truth that the job scenario for the overseas people in Canada has been better–to a considerable extent in the past couple of years—the said organization continues, much requires to be done to bring the same at par with the native workers. Certainly, the rate of employment has noticeably improved amongst the migrants in the Maple Country—the reason being the migrants appear to be get jobs, post turning-up in the country.

The rate of employment shot-up by 4.3% amongst the overseas people in Canada, between 25 and 54 years, during 2011 from the preceding year. However, in case one considers the rate of employment for the natives, between 25 and 54 years, the same is not lower than 82.9%. Conversely, the numbers for 2011 show that it’s close to 75.6% amongst the immigrants.

Factors behind employment rate disparities

A Vancouver based immigration attorney says that the new entrants are the first to notice a red sign in the matters of job dismissals and layoffs—the reason being the place of work considers and gives importance to the seniority level of the workers. And the overseas workers in Canada are removed from work every time there is some sort of economic change.

Shifting immigration laws to favor young

The said immigration attorney added that despite the fact that differences in the rates of job may persist– for the immigrants and the natives–the positive news is that the employment scenario will keep improving in the future. He added that the responsibility for the same must go to the shifting immigration regulations of the Maple Country, which would suitably hire and maintain younger applicants. Special emphasis will be on those who possess either of these–work experience or education experience in the country.

Meanwhile, a top official from the Canadian province of Ontario claims that the many immigration schemes–such as the provincial nominee schemes–allow the nation’s many provinces to duly pick and select the migrants having qualifications which could be much in demand in the country’s job-market.

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