Skillselect Changes To Skilled Migration Visas For Australia

The economic progression at Australia has also created a void into the job market for reason of lack of appropriate skills and talents. The industry is finding it difficult to suffice the demands on HR resources to keep up the business. More and more number of industries are complaining about this anomaly in the demand-supply cycle. As a consequence to this shortage on demand the industry is finding it hard to reach its true potential and to further expand the business.

World over, the pressures of globalization and privatization has forced the economies to open their gates for the skilled manpower to migrate and become part of their economy. The arrangement is finding synergy for the reason that the nation is availed a good talent for a job and the skilled manpower is availed a good opportunity. This co-existence of opportunity and talent is proving to be a major boon to the economy at most of the developed nations.  More and more of the developing and developed countries are realizing this and making amendments to their migration policies to facilitate the migration process.

SkillSelect changes to skilled migration visas for Australia is a welcome step to this trend in Australia. In order to meet the industry level demands on the HR unavailability the authorities in Australia is leaving no stone unturned to keep the migration alive and happening. The recent reduction of the minimum score marks to 60 from 65 is part of this policy. The Australian government has recently made a change to the skilled migration visas and reduced the minimum point’s requirement to 60, which were earlier 65. This change applies to the sub-class 189, 190 & subclass 489. A higher point index was seen as a major bottleneck in the migration policy as many of the applications were being rejected on account of the points being less then 65. The change should see more eligible and skilled individuals migrating to Australia and becoming an active part of the economy.

The changes to the Australia’s skilled migration visas are applicable to the sub-class 189, 190 & subclass 489. The Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship believes that a pass mark of 60 is very beneficial for the un-sponsored category under the skilled migration (Subclass 189). This should not ‘limit’ the eligible candidates under the un-sponsored category from migrating to Australia. Skill Select also sees this change in the subclass 190 where the number of migrants under the state-sponsored category should rise. A similar reflection on the subclass 489 should allow the residents of Australia to bring-in their relatives under the skilled migration visa. The benefits of the changes made to the migration policy are many and should suffice the industry demand of manpower. The void that was earlier created, should be filled by a more skilled and talented manpower. The changes do provide an opportunity to the talents across the world to come to Australia and prosper.

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