Down Under Produces Additional 51,700 Construction Posts

In a positive development, that shows Australia’s construction industry is doing well, certain latest figures made available by the concerned organization for statistics reveal that the construction industry inside Down under generated an additional 51,700 permanent and part-time job openings during the course of the 3 months to November.

This takes the total number of the individuals involved with the industry across the nation to 1.016 million. Earlier, the number stood at 964,000 individuals. The creation of 32,300 permanent jobs takes the number of individuals hired, on a permanent basis, to 871,900; even as the adding together of 19,400 posts takes part-time post numbers to 143,800.

Still, it is advisable to not go overboard and take on an excessively optimistic view on the figures—the reason being the figures for the preceding quarter are excessively low even while quarterly movements are influenced by seasonal causes. In addition, the overall numbers are still behind 21,400, vis-à-vis the similar quarter the previous year, and continue to be small by new momentous yardsticks. Besides, in the housing construction segment in any case, the most recent report reveals a flood of nearly each class of trade.

To cut a long story short, it is still a harsh market for the employees.

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