USCIS Levies Fresh Immigrant Charge, Claim Reports

According to certain latest reports, come February 1, 2013 and all persons from abroad–who seek the status of permanent residency in the US, and get an immigrant permit–will be required to give an immigrant charge. The fresh charge of $165 was set-up in the final rule of the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulating charges for petitions & applications for immigration proclaimed on September 24, 2010.

Immigration US has worked in tandem with the concerned organization, the Department of State (DOS), to put into practice the latest charge. It enables Immigration US to recover the price of the processing, which is duly performed inside the US, post the holders of the immigrant permits get their visa packages from the DOS even as they are given entry into the nation.

It must be observed that the aspirants will now have two distinct charges to suitably settle. The candidates still have to pay the application processing fee for the DOS permit, along with the USCIS Immigrant charge.

What the Charge Includes?

It includes the expenditure of the USCIS employee’s time to duly manage, file and preserve the immigrant permit package, besides the cost of the turning-out & transporting the US Card for Permanent Residency Status.

Who Requires Giving the Charge?

All those who–on or post February 1, 2013—get an immigrant permit package from an American embassy or consulate or overseas (this covers Canada & Mexico), will have to settle the charges.

Inter-country Adoptions

The payment does not become applicable for those gaining admission into the country, via the course of inter-country adoptions.

When & How to Make the Payment?

The aspirants have to settle the said charges online, via the website of Immigration US. It is also mandatory that the candidates present payments, post they get their permit package from the concerned organization, and prior to they leave for the US.

The aspirants may, by electronic means, present the payment by way of answering the queries on the website of the Immigration US using their data for checking account, or data for debit or credit card. All payments made by cheques must be appropriately drawn on a bank of the US. In case the candidate fails to make the given payment, another individual may do so on his behalf.

Inability to Pay

The aspirant will not get a US Green Card until the needed USCIS Immigrant charge is given. However, the inability to make the payment does not influence the legal position of the candidate for one year.

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