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With a view to reside and do a rewarding ob in Australia on a permanent basis you require getting a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) and for the purpose you require following the mandatory Australia PR Visa process for the specific visa through which you could be making an effort to move to the popular destination.

As per a research, 70% of the overseas people moving to the Down Under, for different purposes, want to stay back, do a job, and reside in the hotspot. Coming back to the Australia PR Visa, you have a very good option in the merit based Australia PR Visa Processes.

These are primarily points tested and are principally based on occupational or business capabilities, experience and English capability. You have two significant streams for merit based migration to the destination, namely, Skilled Migration and Business Migration.

And, if we talk about non-points based corridors to PR in Oz, well, these comprise Family Migration, Distinguished Talent, Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS), Regional Skilled Migration Scheme (RSMS), and Humanitarian Streams.

Australia PR Visa Process Tricky & Long Drawn Out

The Australia PR Visa Process is usually lengthy and necessitates a methodical preparation of the required documents, filling forms, submission on deadlines, establishing the eligibility on different conditions, among others.
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We are well known and highly trusted Australia Immigration Consultants. We will assist you successfully apply for an appropriate Australian PR Visa from wherever you may be based since the whole PR Visa Process for Australia is online.

Australia PR Visa Process

Right from offering you comprehensive information on the immigration Australia PR Visa Process to getting your prized PR Visa granted we, at Abhinav, will assist and guide you all the way through. We constantly follow up with Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and update you on the standing of your petition submitted for PR.

For the candidates in skilled migration class, we proffer first-rate professional assistance via sharing our astute advices on the crucial CV preparation. Since your CV represents the actual strength of your visa application, having a very good cover letter and CV are vital.

Figure your points for an Australian points based Skilled Visa employing our FREE online PR Points Calculator!
The points based skilled visas of Australia are tailored in a way to fill the skill scarcities of the labor market. It is of a competitive nature and made to draw the most qualified and in demand professions so to make handy contributions to the already thriving Australian economy.

The Online Points Test for Skilled Migration is primarily for the Skilled-Independent visa (subcategory 189), the Skilled Nominated visa (subcategory 190), and the Skilled-Regional (Provisional) visa (subcategory 489).

A decision on the eligibility requirements for skilled immigrants is taken using the SkillSelect system. It is point based under which candidates, following Australia PR Visa Process, get points for English language ability, skilled employment, qualifications, among others. As per the latest update, you have to get not less than 65 points to make the cut though it does not denote an invite will greet you.

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