Enjoy Australia PR Benefits

To Enjoy Australia PR Benefits Fulfill Relevant Requirements

For immigration, Australia is regarded as the Number 1 overseas destination by many people, especially by those from the developing and under developed countries because they know well about the Australia PR Benefits. It’s the nation’s booming economy, highly flexible and soft migration policy, along with a secured life, that adds fuel to the fire. An aspirant — who is applying independently — needs to choose one of the skills out of the ones given on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Australia PR Benefits

The applicant — who wants to get his skills appropriately assessed — needs to contact the governing authorities. Different kinds of assessment are done by different authorities, and all the relevant aid and information are provided to the candidate by these governing authorities.

Once an applicant has decided to move to the renowned nature-blessed and mineral-rich overseas hotspot, then he must know about the different pathways up-for-grabs, and also Australia PR requirements and Australia PR Benefits.

There are several easy-to-follow visa and immigration pathways run by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) that offer red carpet for the wishful migrants, such as the Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa, Subclass 187 Visa, Subclass 132 Visa, etc.

One of the common paths for grabbing the Australia PR is the popular and widely used point based system of the nation. Basically, this system that is entirely based on points even as certain fixed points are given to the applicants on the basis of the information submitted by them on their education, professional experience, language skills, etc.

What are the Australia PR Benefits

A PR Visa holder in Down Under is a luck person. His status is almost equal to the one held by the citizens of the nation. The word almost has been used as there are some minor privileges that elude the PR Visa holder. For instance, he cannot vote in the elections and cannot join the military.

Coming back to the benefits, the PR status means the holders get several benefits even as the ones mentioned here under are just some of them:

  • The visa holder is allowed to freely work and live in the country.
  • He is allowed to move in and out of the nation within the period of 5 years. Then he can get it renewed to continue to enjoy its many benefits.
  • The visa holder can submit an application for the nation’s prized citizenship.
  • He enjoys several other rights and privileges.
  • He can sponsor his family members and dependents to Oz and assure all necessary help that they need for sustaining their life in the country.
  • Australian PR comes with the attached benefit of working and studying in New Zealand provided the visa holder has received approval from the concerned New Zealand authorities.
  • One of the best benefits that are enjoyed by the holder is that his child is considered an Australian citizen by birth.

Australia PR Requirements

To enjoy all these benefits, a person needs to fulfill certain requirements though and these include:

  • Be ready with all the necessary documents-While applying for PR, the aspirant needs to keep all necessary documents, such as work experience, educational credentials, etc., handy. Plus, he needs two more documents–the IELTS Test score and report on his skill assessment prepared by the concerned authorities. Plus, health and character certificate.
  • Choose the most suitable visa-With array of a category, a person often tends to get somewhat confused. So before applying, it’s better to select the visa that ensures sure shot success in migration.
  • Choose an occupation from the SOL-It’s mandatory to select the occupation from the SOL of Oz. If the aspirant is applying for some specific state, then he needs to select an occupation from SOL of that particular state.
  • File a petition under point based system-He also needs to summit his profile details. Based upon his information he will be assigned some points and these would sum up to 60 points for hassle-free migration process.

An aspiring migrant targeting Australia needs to know about its various visa categories and he should keep a tab on the entire Australia PR requirements, like necessary documents, IELTS score card, health and character certificate. Along with these, he should pick an occupation from the SOL of the country.

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