Environmental Engineer ANZSCO 233915!

Environmental Engineer is the occupation present in the ANZCSO list of occupation in demand in Australia. People associated with this category are in high demand with employers in Australia. Additionally, the occupation is present on both Schedule 3 and Schedule 4, which means that the applicant can apply in either of the two.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • The applicant is required to assess the impact of various facets like air, water, soil and noise levels in the environs of various engineering plans.
  • Moreover, the additional tasks include determining the processes of engineering and see that waster material is safely deposited.
  • He needs to see that the process linked with the plan and designs of the engineering project do not cause harmful effect on the environment in the long term.
  • Registration or licensing is required.


  • A minimum qualification of Bachelor Degree or higher qualification is needed to qualify for the occupation of Environmental Engineer.
  • Some companies may ask for relevant experience in the field.
  • On the job training may be asked by certain employers too.
  • In some instances, all the above facets are demanded by the employer.

It is not mandatory for the applicant to fulfill all the duties. For more details on this occupation, kindly shoot a mail at [email protected]

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