EU To Let In Thousands of Indian Workers!

According to leaked news, thousands of Indian migrants would win their rights to reside and employ themselves in Britain, courtesy EU.

As a part of this collaboration between Brussels and India, as long as twenty thousand information technology workers are to be given British work permits on an annual basis. The deal would mean thousands of workers would get employment opportunities apart from those who are already entering under various Immigration and employment visas.

If leaked news is to be believed, this collaboration is done to allow India between 35,000 and 50,000 EU work permits for skilled IT workers on an annual basis.

Further, it would be expected from countries like Germany, France and Britain to accept workers from India. Britain would be taking twenty thousand workers, while seven thousand would be taken by German and three thousand is the intake expected from France.

The expectation of the numbers is done on the basis of market each EU nation has in terms of employing IT professionals as well as on the records as to how often Indian workers have been given work permits in the past.

Grapevine is in the air that officials from EU are in talks with Indian counterparts, but nothing has been officially revealed as yet. If the deal comes out to be true, Indian workers would surely be benefited from the same!

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