Immigration Levels for Canada to Remain Constant for 2011!

It has been revealed that Canada would be catering to a total immigrants ranging between 240,000 and 265,000 for 2011. This limit is almost the same as it was for the previous year of 2010.

Of these people, maximum would be coming as skilled migrants. Around 60 percent of the migrants would be brought about under the economic category. At the same time, the Canadian government would cater to more spouses and children under the family category. With this, another 1,125 more refugees than 2010 would be accepted. Of the total number of migrants, 75 percent of them are expected to live and work in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.

According to Jason Kenney, the Immigration Minister for Canada, the post-recession economy of the nation needs legal immigration at a higher rate. This has to be done in order to keep the workforce of the nation strong.

As per Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the ageing population as well as the low birth rate of the nation caters to a future which seems bleak. This is because the nation would not have many people who could be a part of the constantly growing workforce.

The Federal Skilled Migrant program caters to major part of the economic category for immigration to Canada. This category mainly focuses on managers and professionals, technicians, skilled trades people who could contribute to the economy of the nation. More so, they could aid the local workforces. Above all, the nation is in need of skilled professionals who could add to the further development of the national economy of Canada.

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