Ex-child Refugee Deported Back to Canada!

A refugee who came to Canada as a child and got committed in the world of crime is now been ordered deportation to his homeland Somalia, a place which he has not seen ever since he was eight years old. Abadir Ali, 26, the concerned man has been given the status of being dangerous to the nationals of Canada by the immigration officials of the country. A troubled youth forced Ali to get into the crime world.

In a ruling held recently, Judge Leonard Mandamin has confirmed that the man imposes much thread to the national of Canada outweighing the personal risks he would face in his native country. Reports say that Ali is currently upheld in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre and has been struggling his deportation since the last twenty four months.

Felix Weekes, who is his lawyer, has come to his defense, stating that Ali has no one familiar in Somalia. In addition, he is not acquaint of his native language as well as the culture of Somalia. He in anger said that these immigration officials are sending this kid to a place to which he is completely unknown of! He does not know anything about Somalia.

Also, a Somali community in Ottawa has précised their worries about this particular incident and has sent a petition signed by almost two hundred people to CIC. The petition says that sending Ali back to his native land is equal to giving him a death sentence. It has also asked the government of Canada to delay or boycott the deportation till the time the conditions in his native land are not improved.

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