Secure Communities – An Important Tool!

As per the records, around 47,000 people have been subject to deportation from the United States. This was done after about 3 million set of fingerprints were gone through by the Homeland Security Department which were taken from the bookings at the local jail. Of the people who have been deported, one-fourth of them were not involved in any form of criminal activities.

The Secure Communities which was a fingerprint-sharing program was carried out which concentrated on removing some of the worst immigrants with a criminal record from the nation. According to the Immigration Advocates, the government tends to spend more time on criminals who have committed minor crimes.

Crimes are divided into three categories as per the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The Level 1 is considered to be the most serious. However, those who have been deported fall either in Level 2 or 3 where as others did not have a criminal background. This is according to the Secure Communities statistics in its monthly report.

As of now, Immigration is definitely the current debate with about 11 million undocumented migrants living in the nation. More so, there are local Americans who are more than happy to employ these illegal migrants since they are much cheaper to hire. So, the problem lies with the nation and its people as well.

Above all, the Secure Communities is considered as a beneficial tool for partnership for the ICE – both for the state as well as local law enforcement agencies. These authorities have been aiding in finding out, removing as well as prioritizing the aliens who have been convicted. More so, the Obama administration intends the Secure Communities to be put into effect by 2013.

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