Expert Says Australia Requires More Migrants!

After the nation’s Finance Minister, this time a demographer opposed the new Australian Prime Minister’s idea to limit the immigration level over the years to come. The Australian National University professor McDonald believes Australia should attract more skilled migrants in order to help its economy grow. According to him, immigration is one of the most important factors of labor market and it plays a vital role in the expansion of a nation’s economy.

The demographer expressed his views regarding the importance of immigration in Australian economy in a seminar hosted by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia earlier this week. The director of the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute at the Australian National University also pointed out that the growth of mining and other industries definitely implies that Australia requires skills in order to meet the labor shortages. He further cleared it that Australia cannot expand the economy without letting people from outside to enter the nation.

At the time when the new Australian PM Julia Gillard is talking about her disbelieve in ‘Big Australia’ policy, the demographic expert said that the nation’s intake of 44,000 permanent migrants in the 2008-2009 year was not sufficient to meet the labor requirements. Out of the total intake, Australia received only 30,000 new skilled workers, which did not satisfy the current labor demand. Because of this, many employers in Oz had to rely upon temporary workers to address the labor shortages.

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