Cambridge MP on Immigration Cap!

When the UK government is still in doubts whether they should implement the permanent cap on non-European Union immigrants, the nation’s Home Secretary has launched a consultancy on the issue. In the meantime, a Cambridge MP questioned in the House of Commons about the impact of the federal government’s cap is likely to have on the nation’s economy.

During the debate in Parliament, the MP said he is concerned about the government’s intentions to implement such a step. He thinks such an action will have negative effects on businesses in Cambridge. He is concerned about the fact that the immigration cap on non-EU migrants could hurt the city’s businesses, especially its high tech and research firms. This is because, most of the city’s success in the business aspect depends on non-European Union’s workers.

He asked the Home Secretary, Theresa May whether she believes that non-EU migrants can be credited for the success in Cambridge research and high-tech firms! He further questioned the Secretary, what steps she will take up to ensure that Australia continues to intake the best talents to help its businesses, universities, other industries and the overall economy. In answer, the Secretary responded that it was the government’s intention to ensure that the nation can continue to attract the brightest and the best talents into it. She assured that the government will consult with business and others on how they can work out the cap and still make the nation capable of attracting the best of talents!

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