US Preferred over Australia for Higher Education!

“One man’s loss is another man’s gain”, this saying is truly applicable for Australia. The United States is all set to enjoy a stronger position in terms of the countries which are preferred by overseas students for pursuing their higher studies.

In recent years, Australia has seen a drop in the population of international students in the country. In the last few years, there have been controversies about racial attacks on Indian students and changes in the immigration policies which exclude many colleges from the Australian skills list. In fact, there have been rumors about imposing cap and ceasing student’s visa. Also, the fall out of many colleges which were offering vocational courses due to these changes have really scared students to take any chances. In fact, Australia refused applications of many students who applied for some course in various colleges. All these factors have resulted in the decrease of overseas students in Australia.

To clear the clouds of doubts from the minds of students, Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship spoke to the press and said that these rumours are baseless and Australia still welcomes international students with open arms. But the impact on the students is just too strong to be handled now. And students are now directing their steps towards United States to fulfill their dreams of overseas education. This would surely prove to be one of the strongest factors in the economic boom of the country in the near future. Overseas students in Australia generate about $18 billion into the economy of the country which is quite a huge amount and cannot be ignored just like that. But with the current situation, it seems that countries like US and Canada are now going to enjoy the benefits of international students.

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