New Zealand Minister to participate in Multi-Cultural Affairs Meeting with Australia!

Immigration has certainly become an issue of concern for many countries owing to many reasons such as high level of illegal immigration and heavy flow of immigrants into the country taking away the opportunities from the country citizens. And that is why so many countries are taking various measures to ensure legality in the system and spread awareness amongst the countrymen about immigration policies.

New Zealand‘s Ethnic Affairs Minister Pansy Wong will be  attending  the annual Australian Ministerial Council for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs meeting to be held in Melbourne tomorrow. The participation of New Zealand in this meeting will surely going to strengthen the bilateral relations of the country with Australia. Both the countries will be discussing on various issues in relation to immigration. They will also be sharing their ideas and suggestions on how to support the new migrants and foreign-born citizens.

In a statement to the press, she expressed that she has high expectations from this meeting and really looking forward for it. She further said that New Zealand has made a remarkable progress by providing the necessary help to the native New Zealanders (which also includes new migrants) so that they can give their contribution in the progress of the country. Ms. Wong intends to enlighten Australian counterparts about New Zealand’s progress and achievements and would also like to share some points and ideas which would help them to scale new heights of progress.

Both the countries are facing similar problems regarding various issues on immigration and this meeting is surely going to bring benefits to both the countries as they will be discussing various issues and will also be  sharing  their ideas and suggestions with each other.

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