Concerns over Shortage of Sheep Shearers in UK!

There have been a lot of concerns raised by the farmers regarding consequences of the cap on the foreign sheep shearers walking to the UK. In the previous year, the employers had to apply for work permits for overseas sheep shearers to be hired. At the same time, there are fears pertaining to the new immigration policies which are being brought about by the new Coalition government.

Every summer around five hundred foreign sheep shearers walk into the nation to cater to clipping the fleeces of about 14.5 million animals. This clearly shows the dependence of this industry on foreign labor. According to Baroness Neville-Jones, the Security Minister, few skilled workers would be subject to exceptions. This might involve the above industry, but concerns are still rising within the industry.

New Zealanders are the chief source of this industry being aided with sheep shearers. A shearer who is experienced can cater to around 12,000 to 14,000 sheep in a period of 10 weeks. However, a learner can only take care of about a quarter of the above number.

At the same time, it is difficult to find people in the UK for such jobs. This is because the numbers are simply not good enough, no matter how brilliant the local shearers are. More people are required to finish the tasks on time.

Thus, it is of grave importance to let the foreign workers come to UK as well as the same project should be equally funded which could aid to further encouragement of the youth to take this job professionally.

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