Russian spy deported from US on Illegal Immigration Charges!

Recently, a Russian man named as Alexey Karetnikov was deported to his home country Russia on Tuesday as he was working as a spy in the Microsoft Corporation of US for the last nine months.  He was working as an entry –level software tester in the company. Alexey was a part of large group of Russian spies networking in the US for many years.

The news of the deportation of the Russian culprit was confirmed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security which also reveled that Karetnikov admitted his crime of staying in US illegally by violating the immigration laws and later on agreed to be deported from the country as ordered by the immigration judge.

Karetnikov would have to face punishment and civil penalties if he would return to the country without the prior permission from the US government. Not many details have been revealed about Russian’s deportation by the Homeland Security. They only informed about his work life that he was working as a tester for nine months and that he belongs to Russia working also as a spy in United States. They refused to throw any light on his connection with federal authorities leaving many gaps of information in between for the common public and media.

One of the spokesmen from FBI refused to comment on his activities and tried to conclude the matter by saying that it is a matter of illegal immigration and no criminal charges has been made against him. Karetnikov’s face book status reveals about his marital status that he is married and he came to US after a long gap when Russian spies came to the country to infiltrate its policy-making, academic and financial circles. This is all what media and common public has been informed about the Russian’s spy issue leaving both the media and US citizens more curious about the entire matter.

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