Explained: From being a temporary resident to citizen of Canada

Wondering if your physical presence in Canada matters if you want to become a permanent resident and finally a citizen of Canada, then the answer is absolutely yes! The days that you have spent in Canada under implied status are counted in the eligibility parameters that determine your eligibility to become a Canada permanent resident. However, the applicant must understand the terms and conditions to apply for permanent residence having stayed in Canada under implied status as mentioned below –

• By implied status, the Canadian law means that you are a temporary resident of Canada. A temporary resident is someone who is authorized to enter and stay in Canada as a visitor, student, worker or a temporary resident permit holder.
• A protected person can also mention the time stayed in Canada before the status of a permanent resident is being granted.
• The eligibility period that the physical presence calculator considers is 5 years immediately before the date on which citizenship application has been filed. The person must have lived as a temporary resident or as a protected person.
• The claimant has to provide the evidence of stay in Canada under the implied status such as application of renewal, letter stating the date of outcome of application etc.

After you have attained the status of being a permanent resident of Canada, there is a clear cut provision of becoming a resident of Canada. The eligibility criteria of becoming a Canadian resident are as follows –

• The candidate has to be physically present in Canada for at least 1,095 days in the time limit of 5 years before the date on which Citizenship has been applied for. Those applicants who have stayed more than the stipulated time (1,095 days) are generally encouraged and preferred.
• Also, it is mandatory to have stayed as a permanent resident in Canada for at least two years, without which the minimum number of days (1,095 days) criteria also stands invalid.
• Each day that a candidate stayed in Canada as an authorized temporary resident or protected person before you became a permanent resident counts as half a day (up to a maximum of 365 days), whereas each day after becoming a permanent resident is counted as full day
• In case, the candidate has spent time in Canada serving a sentence for an offence such as imprisonment or probation, then these days are not counted as being physically present in Canada. This means that the candidate should have lived lawfully in the country.

The important thing to note is that only the time period of last five years immediately before the date of application is being taken into consideration. Therefore, if your eyes are on Canadian citizenship, you can plan your stay in Canada strategically by beginning with your studies, taking up a job or setting up a business in the country. This will expedite your journey to become a permanent resident and eventually a Canadian citizen.

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