Express Entry Canada Eligibility Conditions Not Difficult To Fulfill

Express Entry Canada Eligibility

Many people think that it is not easy to meet the Express Entry Canada Eligibility conditions. This is not true. If you apply under the guidance of an expert consultant, you can easily fulfill the criteria.

Canada Express Entry that came into force on January 1, 2015 has definitely given an edge to millions of migrants to shift to the country. It is also known as swift plan as it makes the immigration easy and prompt. The gateway is not only speedy; it also has several features attached to it that makes the tougher task of migration convenient and hassle free.

Express Entry Canada Eligibility
Express Entry Canada Eligibility

For entry through this gateway, check its eligibility and get Canadian Permanent Residency.

Express Entry Canada Eligibility

  1. Language skills- It is expected that the candidate who wishes to move is well versed in the spoken English language. If he knows French then his language skills will help him further. For his language assessment, he needs to go through the ILETS or the CELPIP. The score will determine his eligibility.
  2. Score higher points- Immigration to the country depends on the Comprehensive Ranking Scheme (CRS) where the applicant is assigned points on his educational qualification, experience of work, age, etc. Needless to say, higher education and every additional year of work experience will increase the points and ultimately the ranking. Chances of immigration stand high for the higher rank holders.
  3. Police certificate- You are not a criminal, everybody knows it, but for the immigration purpose, you need to prove it through a character certificate–either issued by the police or by the concerned authority. Your background will make you eligible for immigration to Canada.
  4. Medical exam- The candidate, who is suffering from any disease or is found unsuitable for migration due to any medical reasons, is unqualified to get entry into the country. Sound health condition is a mandatory condition for immigration.
  5. Bank balance- It is expected that the aspirant possesses enough funds in his bank account to meet the living expenses in the country. If you have enough money to sustain your living in the hotspot, for at least six months without doing any work, then certainly you are entitled to cross the borders through Express Entry.

Express Entry fosters sure shot entry provided the applicant keeps patience. The most organized immigration programmes work on selection criteria, where the top rank holders are cherry-picked by the Canadian Government and then by province or territory governments. This doesn’t imply that the applicant, who is not selected by the province or territory government, will not get entry into the nation.

After this filtration of higher scorers, the matchmaking process for Canadian employers gets started. Under this, the applicant is selected by the employer and then they send an invitation to apply for the PR. If still there are some people left behind, their application remains in the Job Pool for one year, in the process, providing them a fair chance of getting selected anytime during 1 year.

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