Express Entry for Canada – Some Frequently Asked Questions

Express Entry for Canada

Are you aware of the fact that the Express Entry for Canada is not a new immigration programme? Yes, it is true! It is actually a new mechanism introduced by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), to manage the applications submitted for the various economic immigration programmes.

Express Entry for Canada
Express Entry for Canada

Who can apply?

The system accepts applications from the foreign skilled workers with strong language skills in English or French. Candidates of any age with minimum one year experience in the relevant occupation can apply. However, preference is given to the young professionals keen to permanently settle in the country.

How it works?

Interested candidates can visit the official website of IRCC and express their interest in becoming a permanent resident. Each candidate will be ranked against others and will get a fair opportunity to score up to 1,200 points, based on their career history, qualification and other details.

Through frequent draws the high scorer candidates will be given the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the Permanent Residency (PR). As the system is designed and developed to meet the skill demand of the Canadian local market, the low ranking candidates will not be picked up for the ITA.

What is the prime benefit?

Candidates who get an ITA will get an opportunity to work for the Canadian employer, and can live and work anywhere in the country, except Quebec.

How long does the complete procedure take?

The IRCC has fixed the processing time period of six months from the date you submit a complete application. In rare cases it may take longer depending up on the tests and paper formalities.

Any downside?

The system is not as quick and fast as it seems, and it’s a kind of lottery system where some wins and others loose. With every draw the score changes, clearly affecting the score of other candidates in the pool. Due to continuous change in score, the profile of the candidate remains unselected in the pool for longer period of time and there is no guarantee of 100% success.

Express Entry for Canada

No candidate will be accepted according to the old quota, and no one will be able to apply for Canada PR for any of the programme unless an ITA is issued.

  1. No more importance is given to those first in line rather only those candidates will be selected who are likely to economically succeed in the country,
  2. Candidates with a valid job offer will be given importance, and will receive an ITA immediately, and
  3. Skilled visa is provided as per the skills and professionals of the candidates.

The major benefit of Express Entry is that there is no strict deadline to submit the application and there is no limitation on the number of applications accepted. It is the country’s most beneficial programme introduced by the IRCC and has given more immigration opportunities to the foreign citizens and also helped the country to achieve economic growth.

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