Express Entry system Canada lights up with 104 economic immigration routes

Express Entry system Canada lights up with 104 economic immigration routes

Looking for exciting employment opportunities in Canada? Look no further, as Canada opens more than 100 immigration programs and streams under the economic class pathways. This route offers a wide array of job options for prospective candidates who are permanent residence in Canada. As per a new analysis 104 economic immigration pathways have been launched in Canada. This showcases the fact that federal government and each province and territory of Canada has made superb progress over the previous three decades with the launch of numerous economic immigration pathways.

The entire purpose of these multiple and varied immigration routes is that with this the nation can accrue to the job needs of an increasing number of prospective migrants, who with their many skills can positively contribute in terms of boosting the Canadian economy by leaps and bounds.

Three major pathways welcome permanent residence in Canada via its immigration system as economic migrants bring with them professional skills, talent as well as capital. Also, you are welcome to arrive in Canada as family members who are sponsored under the family reunification program, as well as refugees who are provided shelter in the country for humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

A large chunk of immigration in Canada comes under the economic class, such that 6 out of 10 immigrants are chosen for based not only on their CRS score, but the positive effect they will have on the Canadian economy. Much of these immigrants are skilled workers along with highly skilled temporary workers and international students who already reside in Canada.

If you want to apply for permanent residence Canada you can submit your profile to the Express entry pool wherein your profile will be screened electronically to which of the three immigration programs (Federal Skilled Worker Class, Federal Skilled Trades Class and Canadian Experience Class.) you will be eligible.

Once your profile is in the pool. It will be ranked on a score given under what is called the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS. This system will award score based on multiple factors such as age, educational qualification, skilled work experience as well as other additional factors such as arranged employment and ability and intention to live in Canada.

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