How COVID-19 Has Impacted WES Credential Assessment

How COVID-19 Has Impacted WES Credential Assessment

Despite restrictions on operations and transcript accessibility imposed due to the pandemic, World Education Services – the pre-eminent authority that conducts Educational Credential Assessments to recognize international academic qualifications – has continued providing services to foreign students and professionals pursuing immigration to Canada and USA.

  1. Are the offices of WES currently open?

Offices have been open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Documents were being processed by staff that was working remotely. Currently, standard operations have resumed almost fully.

  1. My university is shut and I cannot send transcripts to WES. What can I do?

If your complete application has already been submitted, contact your university to explore options – such as electronic submission of documents to WES via a university representative. As soon as the required documents are received, WES will commence the evaluation procedure.

  1. I have made a payment to WES, but I cannot currently obtain academic transcripts from my university. For how long will my payment remain valid?

Applicant files will not be deleted due to inactivity. Your file will remain in the system. You can send the transcripts whenever it is feasible. The payment and application will stay on file until the documents have been received. Once the documents are received, they will be reviewed and processed.

  1. How can I check if my academic institution will electronically submit documents to WES?

Check the relevant document requirements and digital transmission options for your particular country and academic institution, as mentioned on the WES website. Even if no specific guidelines are mentioned, your institution may still be able to electronically send documents to WES. The university representative should contact WES and choose the ‘Other’ category listed on the contact form. WES will then try to explore electronic document transmission options with the university.

  1. Can WES translate my documents?

No, WES does not provide translation services. If your documents are not in English (or French, which is acceptable in some cases), you must have the documents legitimately translated before sending them to WES.

  1. WES sent a verification request to my university, which was closed owing to the pandemic. Now that my university has reopened, they require a new verification request. What can I do?

You do not have to do anything. WES will automatically keep sending verification requests to your university (via e-mail) every seven weeks, until the university responds.

  1. I am calling WES customer service, but cannot seem to get through. What can I do?

In this case, it is possible to reach out to WES though the ‘Contact Us Form’ available on their website. There are different forms for Canada and USA applicants.

  1. My documents have reached WES, but are yet to be processed. What is the status?
  • Documents that have been received by the WES Canada Office as of 26th May 2020 shall be processed by 7th July 2020
  • Documents that have been received by the WES Canada Office as of 30th June 2020 shall be processed by 22nd July 2020
  • Documents that have been received by the WES USA Office as of 30th June 2020 shall be processed by 14th July 2020

The date of delivery of your documents (which can be checked by contacting your mail/courier service) determines when the next status update on your application will appear in ‘My Account’.

  1. When I try to upload my documents to ‘My Account’, an error message pops up. What should I do?

Try to log out, then log in again, and then upload your documents. If this doesn’t work, perhaps the file you are trying to upload is in an incompatible format, or too large in size, or the poor image quality may be making the document illegible. Try to understand the required format for every document.

  1. How can I receive my credential assessment as soon as possible?
  • Complete the application and make the payment online
  • Confirm that all required documents have been submitted
  • Verify that your institution is qualified to send documents to WES electronically
  • Follow WES notifications to stay informed on operational timelines and updates

To gain a better understanding of WES requirements and the credential assessment procedure, we encourage you to seek the guidance of our experienced consultants through digital or in-person counselling sessions.

For more information, you can connect with us on 8595338595 or [email protected]

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