Factors affecting the processing time of Canada work permit

Factors affecting the processing time of Canada work permit

As soon as you apply for a Canada Immigration through work permit, the anxiousness about the decision of the application starts to bother you. It is natural, as your future depends on it, and we rely on all our further plans for this. With the benefits of working in Canada, such as higher pay, better opportunities, and a healthy work environment, every year, thousands of applicants apply for this permit. As a result, it takes a while to revert to every application submitted with Canada Immigration Authorities.

Under normal circumstances, the Canada work permit can be processed as early as a month or extend up to nine months. This processing time includes the day of you submitting the application and the day a decision arrives. The time taken by the authorities depends on several factors, some of which can be sorted at your end.

Location of the Applicant

Your location plays a significant role in the processing time of your Canada work permit application. The relations between the two countries and the workload with the Canadian Embassy are two major internal factors determined by the location from where you are applying.

Status of the submitted Application

This is one factor where you should be extremely cautious. Submitting a complete and verifiable application will accelerate the Canada PR visa process. First, the authorities will have confidence that you are a genuine application. Second, the time taken by the officers to ask for additional documents and you reverting to that will be saved. Here, the roles of immigration consultants are highly appreciated as you have an expert dealing with your application, which minimizes the possibility of any error.

External Factors

This factor does not need much clarification as we all have witnessed the impact of the COVID-19 recently. Due to unforeseen factors like diplomatic tensions or the pandemic, it cannot be ruled out as a cause of delay in the application’s processing.

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