Are you aware about the 190 Visa Australia?

Are you aware about the 190 Visa Australia?

While planning a rewarding life, immigration emerges as the top choice for Indians, but not many are aware of their options. One such opportunity is the 190 visa Australia that straightaway brings along the opportunity of becoming a permanent resident of Australia. With this visa comes several benefits of working and studying anywhere in Australia and sponsoring eligible relatives to migrate to Australia. Further, you can become an Australian citizen a few years down the line of obtaining this visa.

But, before being excited about the upcoming opportunity, it is imperative to understand the eligibility criteria to be a strong applicant for the visa. The optimum way to ensure an Australia PR visa is to consult an expert on the same. In general, to qualify for this visa, the applicant should –

  • Belong to occupation in demand in Australia. There is a specific skilled list under which several occupations are identified as per their ANZSCO code.
  • Must have relevant experience or qualifications required in any of the jobs mentioned. The skills assessment should substantiate this based on information and documents provided
  • Be nominated. The skilled 190 visa is a nominated visa where the applicant must have a nomination from Australia
  • Qualify for the minimum points. This can be calculated using the online calculator or by letting an expert assess your profile. For skilled migration, a minimum of 67 points are required; however, due to fierce competition, you need a lot more scores to get an invite
  • Meet other essential eligibility criteria. It includes a clean criminal background and a healthy body and mind

Once you fulfill all the Australia Immigration Requirements, you can proceed with the application filing. If all goes well, your application will be processed in a maximum of 18 months. It is a smooth way to make your way to Australia, where you have the freedom to live and enjoy the traditional culture and content living of Australia.

We at Abhinav Immigration Services provide expert services for 190 Visa Australia because we have accurate knowledge and years of experience dealing with such visas. Our team is diligent enough to assess your profile and guide you through the way further. Don’t let the opportunity wait because it doesn’t stay forever. Call on +91 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected] today to connect!

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