Facts about H-1B Visas!

Here are some of the aspects linked with H-1B Visas to help you understand more about the different facets associated with the visa:

  • It is true that Bachelor Degree is one of the requirements for this visa, but having one does not ensures your ticket to H-1B Visas. Reason being that it is the minimum qualification required for the same and it is mandatory for the applicant to fulfill other criteria associated with H-1B Visas.
  • H-1B visa professionals include applicants who provide direct services to the people of USA and create job opportunities in America.
  • It is a common misconception that the potential employer of the applicant must prove that it has made attempts to recruit the citizens of US through advertisements. But this is not the case always. The recruitment for H-1B petitions is only applicable in the case of H-1B dependent employers as well as those employers who received TARP funds.
  • There is a 65,000 annual limit (H-1B cap) to new H-1B visas issued, but there are exceptions for the H-1B cap too! For instance, in a majority of cases, where the workers already have an H-1B status are exempted from the same provided a new employer files a petition for the visa. There are other cases also, where the applicant is kept away from H-1B cap. Know more about your case from an Immigration expert.
  • An H-1B visa is employer dependent. The statement means that you can only work for the sponsoring employer. If the applicant is interested in working for another employer at the same time, it is advised to file an H-1B petition for your concurrent employment.

For more facts and misconceptions linked with your visa, take advice from an Immigration and Visa veteran now!

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