Family Relationships for Canadian Immigrants

A small column in ‘Canada Gazette’ mentioned about the rules on family relationships for immigrants. The news states that Section 4 (R4) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations defines the immigration system and rejects the marriages of convenience which revolve around immigration rules.

In order to reject these marriages or relationships, the Section has to determine as to which marriage is real and which is done for Immigration purposes, and that’s what is creating hurdles for the Immigration department.

Therefore, Citizenship and Immigration Canada is intending to refine the laws, making it easier for the Immigration officials to reject cases who they think have entered into marriage only for the sake of Immigration! The changes would also scrutinize the child-parent adoptive relations, and if found fake, the applicants can really get into trouble. Therefore, it becomes all the more vital to prove your authenticity and that you are NOT faking out just to fulfill your Immigration purposes.

Critics believe that leaving such crucial decisions to officials might lead to more refusals of immigration applications. Also, the column has directly or directly elaborated in the direction that just because you are in a relationship/married or have children, the facet does not fulfills your requirements or makes you eligible for immigration benefits.

Genuine couples should follow legal immigration process, submit the right documents and prove their authenticity to ignore any chances of visa denials.

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