Angelic Haitian baby!

The sensation ‘Haitian baby’ who was rescued from the debris of the brutal earthquake finally got reunited with her parents. It is probably the biggest gift which the concerned parents could get from the mighty lord.

Junior Alexis, 24, and Nadine Devilme, 23, parents of the child called it a miracle that the girl survived the devastating January catastrophe. The miracle baby Jenny, who is just five months old, really turned out to be god’s endowment to the parents. Reports confirm that the divine baby was dressed in an angelic pink dress and white socks.

Alexis said thanks to all the doctors, lawyers and all the people involved in the treatment, whose efforts made this unexpected incident happen in front of everyone. It is because of them that the baby is alive and they have arrived in the US.

Devilme further said that they have seen a lot and being through so much. She got separated from her baby during the demolishing magnitude-7 earthquake. After so many days, the baby was found buried under the debris and was taken to the US for brutal injuries, including a collapsed chest.

The reports of her survival hit the media, allowing the parents to search for her day and night. A DNA test proved their linkage with her.

The survival of the child shows that she is the child of god!

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