The Visa Norms Post Headley Incident Bothering Tourists and PIOs!

India’s recently implemented tighter visa norms are making quite a news these days! There is no answer to the question, ‘If India is heading towards a sour relationship with other countries?’ Cannot really say at this point of time. But, if India does not review its visa norms in the near future, something of this sort will definitely happen, as signaled by ambassadors of various countries.

While the Headley (David Coleman Headley, one of the accused of Mumbai terrorist attacks) case propelled the harder visa norms, the norms are giving a hard time to the Indian government in turn. There have been many instances where the new rules obstruct many tourists, as well as many India-origin individuals/families from entering the country, even in the dire situations!

One of the most embarrassing immigration rules, at least for tourists and even Indians in abroad is that the individuals need to take a two-month long gap period between two consecutive visits to India. This, of course, is affecting many people who have genuine reasons to visit the country, but are not able to make so because of the stick government rule.

According to tourism officials, India’s tourist flow will be affected by these norms. More so, Pakistani-origin individuals would find it harder to visit the country. Any Pakistani intending to visit India would have to get his/her visa application acknowledged by home ministry in New Delhi.

On a recent meeting a team of ambassadors from European Union countries conveyed to Indian home minister P. Chidambaram how new Indian visa policies have annoyed their citizens. The representatives also showed their animosity to the government and signaled that they might also implement reciprocal measures against Indians!

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