Is Federal Immigration Programme Not Your Cup Of Tea? Go For PNP Canada!

Most Canadian provinces and territories have the right to nominate applicants to migrate to its shores. Their selection criteria may be different but they all follow the similar principles–to select applications with enough potential to contribute towards the province’s or territories’ economy and meet their other demands.

However, the final selection of applicants lies with the hands of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Quebec is the only province with the right to choose its immigrants on its own. All other provinces/territories can only nominate.

Canada PNP

  1. Alberta Provincial Nominee Programme
  2. British Columbia Provincial Nominee programme
  3. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Programme
  4. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programme
  5. New Foundland Provincial Nominee Programme
  6. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Programme
  7. Ontario Provincial Nominee Programme
  8. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programme
  9. Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programme
  10. Northwest Territories Nominee Programme
  11. Yukon Provincial Nominee Programme

These programmes vary with their own set of rules and requirements and many of the provinces/territories have aligned with the Express Entry System. The prospective immigrants can apply for the PNP Programme either to the Express Entry Stream or non Express Entry Stream.

Under the Express Entry, provinces and territories nominate the potential applicants for the PR on the basis of their specific economic needs. Quebec is the only province that has decided to stay away from Express Entry.

Out of the 1200 Express Entry points, 600 points have been allocated to arranged job or provincial/territorial nomination. With the introduction of new system, the different provinces and territories can easily review the pool of candidates and out of 1000s pick the best as per their needs.

Future immigrants see the Canada PNP as an easy way to acquire Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation, and under Express Entry provinces and territories play a decisive role.

Skilled workers motivated for Canada immigration get an excellent opportunity to immigrate to the country using the hassle-free PNP as many territories and provinces provide relaxation to the applicants, in terms of language proficiency, arranged job, etc., not just that their visa application is also fast processed.

Note: For the time being, British Columbia (BS) has stopped accepting applications under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) and Express Entry as well. The province has received petitions more than its expectations. But, it is possible to submit a petition under other immigration streams.


If you are thinking of immigrating to the province using the PNP, you will have to clear the complicated immigration procedure. Just in case, if you miss any procedural guideline or primary aspect, your visa application may be rejected or delayed. To clear the crucial proceeding, hire a professional Canada immigration consultant.

A team of dedicated expert will be there 24*7 to help you clear the tedious immigration process easily. But, if you wish, you can process your visa application on your own at your own risk.

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