Quebec Skilled Worker Programme–Most Popular Canada PNP

Quebec Skilled Worker Programme

Canada is home to several well developed provinces, better known for their thriving economy, interesting diversity, first-rate infrastructure and rewarding job opportunities. The French province, Quebec, is one of the many such provinces of the Maple Leaf country.

It is completely independent, with thriving economy which ranks 37th in the world, and is the second largest, in terms of land size, with number of job opportunities. However, at present, the province is going through a tough time due to a low birth rate. The number of its young people has decreased and the ageing population increased. Consequently, the province is currently facing a serious scarcity of skilled workers.

Thus, immigration to the province is rather the need of the hour. Through its Skilled Worker Programme, by the end of 2017, the Quebec Government plans to create at least 115,000 new work opportunities for the foreign skilled workers.

Quebec Skilled Worker Programme

It is the most popular Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) of the country. It allows immigrants to live and work in the province indefinitely. Aspirants are selected on the basis of language, skills, adaptability, education and experience, along with other factors.

The Quebec Government manages its skilled program on its own; the proceeding has no interference from Federal Government. Applicants, who wish to immigrate to the province, using the Skilled Worker Programme, must strictly abide by the two primary steps:

  1. Applicants are selected by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI), the Quebec apex immigration body, and issued a Certificat de Sélection (CSQ).
  2. Candidates with the CSQ must submit their application to the federal immigration body. The role of the Federal Immigration body is limited mainly in concern with various issues of criminality and health.

In order to qualify for the Certificat de Sélection (CSQ), you must score at least 49 points. It is mandatory for those who wish to immigrate to Quebec under the Skilled Worker Programme to use Mon project in order to submit their application. Mon project allows the applicants to submit their application online in order to obtain CSQ. They can make payment online, follow their application status online, make changes, if required, and easily access electronic messages until the process has been complete.

For the forthcoming application intake, those who have already created Mon projet account they can easily submit their application. If you wish to immigrate to the province, and have not yet created a Mon projet account, you can create it know. From August 2016, no application is being accepted without creating a Mon Projet account.

The Quebec Government will soon announce a new immigration programme similar to Express Entry. If announced, it will be the major and biggest change in the Quebec immigration history in the last 47 years.

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