Fernanda Romero – Mexican actress Accused of Visa Crime

Fernanda Romero, the famous Mexican actress has recently been accused of acting her way out into a “Sham” immigration marriage, atleast that’s what the federal prosecutes believe so. The actress and her so called fake husband were arrested and accused of committing visa crime by getting in sham marriage for the purpose of immigration.

Officials claimed that the couple never lived together and the actress submitted fake documents along with her residency application to strengthen her proof of being married and become a U.S. resident.

Her ex boyfriend fashion photographer Markus Klinko, broke the news of her fraud marriage with pizza delivery man Kent Ross, with latter being paid a heavy amount of $5,000 to get into marriage institution. Both were arrested on Friday in their separate homes.

It has been confirmed that the Mexican actress started dating her ex boyfriend after she got married to Ross, a facet which in itself proved that something fishy has been going on in their relationship since the beginning. If the charges come out true and if convicted, the couple could be sentenced for five years.

The actress has not acquired much charm all over the world, but is a well known name in the Mexico Television industry and Spanish channels. She has also shown her involvement in several U.S. print ads and music videos. She is ordered not to leave the country in further.

The couple got married on June 12, 2005 but never performed the duties of a genuine couple.

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