Indian Shooter faces Visa Problems

Pemba Tamang, one of the India’s leading shooter who was all set to take part in the Shooting World Cup was barred from taking part in the championship as he was stopped at the Mumbai Airport.

He was given a Stapled Visa, as he originated from Arunachal Pradesh. Courtesy the Stapled visa, the immigration officials at the airport stopped him from boarding the flight, knowing the fact that the ace shooter has already been to China previously using the same visa. This time, he was due to participate in the World Cup starting from April 17 to 24.

The irony is that, now instead of 28 members of the shooting team, 27 will go on to compete in the championship, leaving the ace shooter behind in the country. The only reason which was given is that he failed to work in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Government of India’s policy and has a Stapled Visa.

The incident has raised so many questions in the minds of people out there. Is it not justifiable to provide special exemptions to sports players who represent their country in front of the world?

What about Tamang’s future, an athlete who despite being an ace shooter and a Commonwealth Games gold medalist has been left behind in the dusts, to ruin his future. He is left with shattered hopes all over. Is it his fault that he originates from Arunachal Pradesh, a place which China claims as its own and therefore exempts its people to have any visa to visit the premises. But what about the Indian Immigration officials – they have to do their duties.

So what’s the solution?

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