Immigration Reform Might Fail in Arizona

As reforms pertaining to immigration are on a standstill in the United States, the individual state governments have taken it upon themselves to form laws. Many states are passing bills catering to laws involving security at their borders. This has led some strict laws being put into action such as the one brought out by the Senate of the Arizona State.

This bill is anticipated to be signed by the Governor of the Arizona State. As per the bill, the police would investigate any immigrant who is a suspect of being an illegal. This measure has come about keeping in view the general safety of public as well as aiding the feds to send the undocumented migrants for deportation.

However, if the track record of similar programs that were implemented in other parts of the nation were to be seen, it does not promise success. Around $184 million have spent on the Immigration and Nationality Act Section 287 (g). This has been since 2006. This can be considered as an alliance between the Federal and the State which gives the authority to the local police to act as deputized immigration agents.

The main objective behind this is to remove criminals that are a threat to the society. However, in the previous year, many leaders from about fifty different urban police departments called this program as being harmful. This projects the police in a very negative manner creating a sense of fear amongst the people. These people could include those who might even be prime witnesses to a crime and so on.

More so, as per the Inspector – General for the Department of Homeland Security, only nine percent were offenders from around one hundred and forty five thousand people who were arrested under this act. Thus, the officers were trained to concentrate only on the worst of the lot. This measure should be considered by the government of Arizona as well.

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