Figure Out Best Ways to Get PR Visa to Australia

PR Visa to Australia

Australia the continent and the island at the same time—the land of the Oz with magical charm, flourishing economy and simple immigration programme will surely attract any soul to touch down its soil. If you want to know the best ways to get a PR Visa to Australia, in that case you need not wonder anymore. The winds of the destiny have been blowing in the right direction, and in here you will get to know about the best ways to get a PR visa to Australia.


So, brace yourself as this ride will be extremely informative and will certainly arouse the hope in you!

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Programme

The first one to proceed with would be the GSM Programme in which you don’t need to have sponsored employer to help you meet with the immigration. All you should be concerned about should be your skills and expertise, and if you are having that, then no one can stop you from getting what you want. With the GSM Programme you can even get the PR status, but your nature of the occupation must be included in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Skilled Sponsored Visa

Under this category of immigration the aspiring immigrant must be related with a sponsor who has either the permanent residency status of Australia or has been naturalized. In both ways you will get the opportunity to move without putting your dreams in jeopardy. If the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) feels that you are the right candidate for the job then they will easily be willing to welcome you onboard the skilled sponsored visa.

Student Visa

For those who are studying in any Australian university and they want to settle down in the country after the completion of their studies, to help such bright minds the Australian Government has a specific scheme that can help them to settle in the nation with a reputed job and a handsome salary. Such a step has been taken by the Australian Government to stop the brain drain as many skilled minds are lost when they make up the mind to move to Oz for study, but upon the completion of the course they return back to their country of origin.

Business Visa

Not many visas can help you get the PR status easily, but if you have enough funds to help the country bring about a social and economic development, then you are welcome aboard. In this style of immigration, however, you will get to choose from a wide variety of the immigration programmes which are termed as innovational investment immigration programme, Australian bond immigration programme, and economic development of villages programme.

These are few best ways to get a PR Visa to Australia, and you can easily get hold of a good immigration agent who can easily simplify the process, to make things easier and memorable.

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