Appoint Competent Professionals to Make Canada Immigration from India Possible!

Canada immigration from India has been gaining widespread popularity and acceptance since the past couple of years. A large number of aspirants from this part of the world move, or make an effort to move, every year to this amazing overseas destination.

What magnetizes the Indians and others to its shores is certainly its flexible and lenient immigration system, warm environment for the newcomers, mix culture, excellent healthcare facilities, low unemployment rate, high standard of living, low mortality rate, and the presence of a large number of Indians in the country. In fact, the Maple Leaf Country is the only place outside Asia that has the largest Indian colony.

Canada Express Entry Visa Process

The number of the Indian citizens, keen to immigrate to the popular destination, has increased significantly over the last one decade or so. It has been reported that India is one of the top two source countries for Canada immigration. For almost a century a large number of Indians has immigrated to the Maple Leaf Country even while, as mentioned before, the trend continues even today.

Canada immigration from India

If you are an Indian and planning to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, then Express Entry will be your best option. It is the fastest path. The application processing takes just six months, and if you are sent an Invitation to Apply (ITA), you can claim the much desired Permanent Residency within just 60 days. It means you can actually land in the hotspot very soon as its permanent resident.

All you have to do is to create an online profile and qualify for one of the country’s economic programmes. If you make the cut for one of the schemes up-for-grabs, you will enter the Express Entry Pool and thereafter will compete to score as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).  Only if you do well at this stage you are likely to be issued an ITA by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Remember: only the top ranking candidate will be picked for the ITA and some factors, such as age, language proficiency, education, skills and work experience will play a decisive role.

Prepare a check list

To avoid the last minute confusion, make a checklist beforehand and prepare a list of documents you are required to apply for Canada Immigration. Often the checklist changes without any prior notification. Your visa application requires many documents, such as education certificate, experience certificate, passport, the IELTS certificate, etc.

Required documents

Below is a list of obligatory documents:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Language test score such as IELTS score
  3. Experience certificate along with education certificates for which you want to claim the points,
  4. Original ECA report
  5. Proof of funds settlements
  6. Character & health certificates
  7. Photo of the accompanying family member

Hire Experienced & Trustworthy Immigration Professionals

Though it seems immigrate to Canada from India is a relatively easy task, it’s not so unless you are applying through an Immigration Consultant. With the help of such an expert your chances of getting a visa definitely goes up. To prove their worth such advisors will leave no stones unturned to help you live your dream in reality.

You will find numerous competent Immigration consultants but not all are genuine. So, before you take their services, thoroughly check their credibility! You will certainly not want to be robbed of your hard-earned money and denied the chance to move to your favorite destination, right?

It’s a fact that the rookies and unscrupulous players in the market not only fleece you they also play havoc with your overseas dreams. Hence, if you are interested in Canada immigration from India, play your cards well. Engage only trusted and skilled professionals.

Signing-up Abhinav advisors will be a good idea. You can trust them with your eyes closed and they will not let you down. They understand it’s your money and dreams involved in the process, and so they will ensure that you get what you want—a Canada visa in the most hassle-free manner, and in the shortest possible time. And, thanks to their advice and help, Canada immigration from India won’t be a difficult job for you.

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