Find Out What Requirements You Have To Satisfy To Get Bulgarian Investor Visa?

Are you interested to get Permanent Residency (PR) abroad using the investment visa path, but do not want to become a resident in, say, Canada or Australia, for some reasons?0are you wondering if you could become a resident of an European country which has a very low tax rate, a strong currency, and a highly trained manpower? Well, if yes, Bulgaria will be a pretty good option for you. Apply for a Bulgarian Investor Visa!

Bulgaria, a republic, shares its borders with the nations of Greece, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, and Macedonia. While the Bulgarian Lev is its currency which is a rather strong and stable currency, Sofia is its capital.

This parliamentary democracy is also a European Union (EU), NATO and European Council member. The country has thriving energy, mining, agriculture, and tourism segments. It has low tax rates–such as 10% personal & corporate tax–and a highly capable & educated manpower. What’s more: from this part of the world, you can cover a huge area and expand your business across.

Bulgarian Investor Visa
Bulgarian Investor Visa

Bulgarian Immigrant Investor Programme (BGIIP)

Coming back to the Bulgarian Investor Visa, get this visa to enjoy all that this wonderful European destination has to offer. You will have to apply under the BGIIP. Started in 2009, the investment scheme aims to attract high net worth business individuals who want to move to Europe. Via the plan, candidates and their immediate families can get PR in the country and also make profitable investments there in.

Bulgarian Investor Visa–Key Eligibility Requirements

  1. You must possess not less than EUR 1 million.
  2. You must go through medical examinations prior to submitting an application for PR in the country.
  3. You must offer evidence of good character from the nation of either residency or citizenship.
  4. You must be more than 18 years old.
  5. You must make an investment of not less than BGN 1 million (EUR 511,292) to the nation’s administration.
  6. You must make the requested legal visits to the country prior to being offer PR there in.

Bulgarian Investor Visa Programme Benefits

  1. You do not have to face any sort of language exams as these are not needed.
  2. The republic is a free trade country with some of the lowest tax rates found anywhere.
  3. You are not required to be physical present in the country as under the programme there is an exemption from physical residence in the country.
  4. The application processing time for residency in the nation is pretty swift. In just 6 to 12 months you will get it.
  5. You also get a fast-Track option to the prized citizenship and passport. Inside just 2 years, you will get these.
  6. The investment you make is fully government sanctioned and definite to be given back entirely post 5 years.

Bulgarian Investor Visa Application Charges

The application costs linked with plan could differ from EUR 25,000 and EUR 30,000, depending on one’s nation of origin and the figure of dependents.

These are non-refundable, up-front charges. And, included in these are the government application charges, legal & translation costs, service charges linked to the background substantiation, and authentication of the source of the capital.

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