TIER-1–Best UK Investor Visa Scheme

There are very minimal requirements for investing in UK and that makes a lot of people attracted towards this overseas hotspot. The UK is comprised of four regions which are England, Wales, Scotland, and the Northern Island. The sixth largest global economy the UK provides numerous rewarding opportunities to every business, and the UK Investor Visa Scheme is a great option to choose.

What makes UK different from others?

The nation has so many embassies across the world. The country is a great investment choice for all the great profit seekers. You have to follow some guidelines set by the UK Government. The UK Visa is reserved for applicants who belong to countries outside Europe. There are different rules and regulations for different nations. So, please check with concerned people and organizations!

UK Investor Visa Scheme
UK Investor Visa Scheme

UK Investor Visa Schemes–Which Is the Best One?

Numerous attractive options are up-for-grabs. If you are planning to invest in a foreign country and want a good market, opt for the UK. London has always taken proactive steps to motivate more and more investors.

TIER-1 Investor Visa Scheme

It’s an amazing UK Investor Visa Scheme. The first basic thing before applying for a Visa is have a check on eligibility. You should have the required documents. The investment which has been decided as minimum requirements is 2,000,000 British Pounds. You should be from Non-European country. It should be completely private company. You can apply as early as three months.

Until the business becomes completely profitable, you should have sufficient amount of money to maintain yourself. The main requirement of this visa is you cannot show funds which has been taken on loan or credit. It should be completely your own.

The fee is not so huge and it is also the main reason for being UK in the global investors’ priority list. This Investor Visa has a validity of maximum 3 years and four months, but it can be extended afterwards up to two more years.

There are restrictions on some kinds of business. You can’t invest in a company which is engaged in property dealing. You can’t practice as a professional sportsperson or coach. You need a special degree of the UK for opening your own clinic, and you can’t work as a doctor without a UK Degree.

One good thing about the country is their family provisions. If you are taking your children along with you, you are eligible to send your children in the British government school which provides free education. The other thing which is very important is the health facility. You are qualified to free healthcare provided by the National Health Services (NHS). There is no need of any health insurance.

For further information, you can check their official website. You can apply for visa online.

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