Footballer Sentenced for Immigration Fraud!

Lorand Borbely, a Boston Town footballer who is charged with multiple immigration offences in the United Kingdom has been jailed for eleven months recently. One of the many major offences is that the footballer entered the nation on a fabricated passport.

Other offences committed by Lorand Borbely include many deception cases, such as mortgages, obtaining job, as well as removing criminal property from the nation. It came out that the footballer had entered the UK in the year 2004 with a Hungarian passport, where his name was recorded as Laszlo Lovas. As Laszlo Lovas, he already had played for many years in the UK. UK football clubs for which Borbely had played included Deeping Rangers and Boston Town. Currently, he has also been serving the board of latter’s as director, the position which he acquired in 2009 only.

During the UK Border Agency’s investigation, it was also found that the footballer possessed an amount of 540,998 Euro, which has been obtained fraudulently. He used the amount to purchase high-end cars. These assets of him will most likely to be seized by police of Lincolnshire Police under the Crime Act.

Entering a country with fake passport is a serious offence. Such an offence is not merciful. International people often use false passports in order to enter the United Kingdom and find job. But, this makes the life of the local Britons miserable when they find it harder to locate jobs.

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