For Engineering Professionals Australia the Best Destination Country

Trained people are usually wanted and respected for their skills, and given handsome pay-packages across the globe. Experts from the fields of medicine, hospitality, teaching, and engineering are preferred, and given a red-carpet welcome by the various well-liked immigration destinations such as Canada, the UK, Hong Kong, and Australia, etc. Qualified engineers especially are favored and welcomed for their knowledge and expertise even as the various immigration bodies, such as the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) fast-track the petitions submitted by these professionals.

What’s Engineering?

Engineering is basically an application of economic, scientific, social, and practical knowledge in order to design, invent, develop, construct, maintain, improve and repair structures, devices, machines, systems, materials and processes. The discipline is vast and comprises of unparallel range of specialized fields. An individual who practices the profession is known as a qualified Engineer.

Australia Wants Engineering Professionals

As mentioned elsewhere, these experts are wanted across the globe. And so the experts from the domain, in search of better livelihood and job prospects, immigrate overseas. Amongst all, however–if one talks about the one country that may be regarded as the best immigration destination–then it will certainly be the country of Australia.

The nation–also known as ‘Oz’ or/and ‘Down Under’–is one of the best developed immigration hotspots in the world. Since too long, it has been the best destination for Engineering professionals. And, as a result, every year Australia has experienced an increase in the number of trained visitors from the field.

Currently, Down Under has a huge demand of various Engineering professionals, such as Biomedical Engineers, Software Engineers, Electronic Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Agricultural Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Aeronautical Engineers, etc.

Australia Immigration Process

Against this backdrop, if you are practicing any of the above fields, and motivated towards Australia immigration, then you need to make the most of the positive situation. You may use the nation’s popular and widely used Skilled Worker Program although there are number of other equally good options available too. Some of them are Skilled Sponsored Visa, Skilled Independent Migration program, and Skilled Regional Sponsored program.

Engineering professionals may process their applications under General Skilled Migration program (GSM). The before stated program is especially designed for professionals like you who have professional skills in specific occupation which is highly demanded in ‘Oz’.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), the Australian immigration body, uses a valid Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as a part of its points system, to meet the requirements for skilled migration. It is mandatory for you to first nominate an occupation from the SOL. A large number of engineering professionals are clearly mentioned on the SOL.

Before you get to live your dream in reality, it is important that your skills are duly assessed by the appropriate and authorized assessment body. For Engineering Professionals, it is ‘Engineers Australia’. If you have successfully obtained a positive assessment letter, then you are eligible to submit an application for the Electronic Skilled Migration Visa.

Major Benefits for Engineering Professionals

Some of the benefits that Engineering professionals happily enjoy in ‘Down Under’ are:

  1. The working conditions are excellent, discrimination is illegal. The environment is competitive & progressive and healthy with fixed working hours.
  2. You are free to travel internally, without any restrictions at all.
  • Annual package is rewarding and satisfying and most of the jobs are covered with health insurance.
  1. Depending on the visa you have been granted with, you may also bring along your immediate family members to the country.

Engineering Professionals may immigrate either for a short term or a long term. However, the majority of such specialists prefer to acquire Australian Permanent Residency as the immigration hotspot offers numerous rewarding and well-paying opportunities not only to the skilled Engineering Professionals but also to their respective families.

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