Canada Caregiver Program—A Passing Look

Canada, the Land of Milk & Honey, welcomes skilled people under various programmers with the widely used Caregiver Program being one such program. The scheme enables skilled overseas immigration-inspired people to cross the Canadian borders as temporary workers. It is essential that the aspiring migrants have an invitation to work in the country. Their work includes looking after kids and/or elderly people and/or those are needy and disabled.

The nation invites visa applications from the aspirants for Canada Caregiver Program when it discovers that the local citizens of the nation are not in adequate numbers to fill the many job-openings in the field. As discussed before, the basis goal of the Canada Caregiver Program is to serve the elderly people or those who need high medical care. Successful aspirants can submit an application for the Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation after completing two years of their jobs as professional Caregivers in the Maple Leaf Country.

To appreciate the services rendered by the Caregivers, the Canadian government keeps making changes in its program for them. For example, to make it better now they have ended the requirement of living in with their recruiters for the Caregivers as was the case before. As per the latest arrangements, now the professionals have two options—they can either live with the recruiters’ family, or reside in an accommodation duly arranged by their employers.

According to the latest amendments, the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) will assess all the facilities which are given to the Caregivers, and hence there is no scope of unnecessary deduction of their earnings. Both the employer and the caregivers have to agree to an agreement decided by the LMIA.

Another improvement made to the program is that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has doubled the number of migrants to be admitted every year. Now more candidates can move to the country using the programme. Isn’t the development rather encouraging for the aspirants? Now here’s yet another positive report! Ottawa is keen to give a red-carpet welcome to 30,000 Caregivers in 2015. Keen candidates can make use of the update to gain entry into the nation along with their family and dependents.

The Canadian government is providing all necessary aid to the Caregivers and their family members which will help the visitors to get easily established in the country. Higher salary offered to the professionals is yet another draw and attracting the aspiring migrants. The Canadian policy of paying more wages to the Caregivers clearly shows that the nation has a shortage of these experts. And so, the chances of immigration for the specialists are high at the present.

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