Fords Remarks Under Scrutiny!

The Mayoral Campaign in Toronto has taken a new turn with the main candidates voicing their indignation towards the remarks made by Rob Ford regarding immigration. All those condemning the statements made by Ford included Rocco Rossi, George Smitherman, Sarah Thompson and Joe Pantalone who where present at the City Hall.

According to the polls, Ford is ahead in the race for the replacement of Mayor David Miller. He said that the city might not able to cater to more immigrants in the next ten years. As of now, it is difficult with even 2.5 million people in the city. It is more essential to cater to those people before bringing in more. He also highlighted towards the long queues for public housing and he even supposed if it could increase to 200,000.

He also says that his opponents are merely twisting his words. As per him it is important to deal with the initial 2.5 million first. It is but obvious that the rest cannot be afforded right now. At the same time, he also said that he supports immigration. And that his words are being skewed.

On the other hand, Ford has not at any point mentioned about cutting on immigration or not welcoming foreign migrants to Toronto. However, it does not seem that his opponents are satisfied.

As per the official plan estimates for the city of Toronto, the population is expected to rise by another million in the next decade. This would mainly include migrants.

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