Canadians Asked to be Compassionate!

It seems that an outrage has come about amongst the Canadians with reference to the refugees entering the nation through boats. They have been told to be more compassionate with these people. As per reports, the 490 passengers who arrived at the West Coast seem to have paid $10,000 to $50,000 for this particular journey. Some of the passengers have paid for themselves while the others would have their family residing in Canada pay for this trip. The worst of the lot would have to work to pay the debts as modern day slaves who are bound by contract.

The cargo ship known as the MV Sun Sea wasn’t made to carry people. There were reports that some of the people succumbed to illness like tuberculosis. At the same time, one passenger also died and he had to be buried in the sea.

With such cases in place where in people are putting everything at stake to come to Canada, compassion does not exactly seem to be the right approach. Who knows, another boat might soon land and more after that. Compassion would simply a behavior that is encouraging for an activity which is against the law and put lives at stake including those of children.

The present Harper government seems to have taken this ship as a test run which does not seem to be the apt approach. The last such test run was in October which was a big failure. Initially, all the passengers were detained to check whether they belonged to the Tamil Tigers but then were freed at a later stage.

Keeping the above in mind, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said that the nation would change its laws making it more restrictive to secure its borders. However, in order to change these policies pertaining to immigration, the Prime Minister would require the backing from the opposition parties as well. Above all, something more constructive needs to be done which would bring about a change in the current scenario.

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