Rise in the Number of Neets!

A classification known as Neet has come about in England. Neet includes those people between the age group of 16 and 24 years who are neither pursuing education nor into training or employed. This comprises of a total of 874,000 which is about 14.5% of the total youth population in the nation. This number has dropped in the last one year and has landed at the above figure. Initially, there were 1.07 million people. The current figure is still higher than what was recorded in 2005 that was 771,000, thus catering to fears of a generation that is forgotten.

The Department for Education published the figures for Neet for the second quarter of 2010. The results came about after it was projected by a think-tank that most of these people have A-levels or degrees.

According to a spokesman from the DfE, the numbers are still high despite the fall. The government of the nation is focused on reducing this gap between the poorest and richest. It is figuring out a way to provide all the youngsters irrespective of their background, an opportunity to progress. He also said the government is devoted to constant expansion of the apprenticeship programs. The work program would also cater to support that is personalized which is needed by those in search of jobs, irrespective of their situation. This is expected to be put in place by summer of 2011.

It has been claimed by Migrationwatch UK, a campaign group, that regions which are more of immigrants also have higher numbers of unemployed youth. However, the group could not bring out whether the higher inflow of immigrants has led to this increased rate of joblessness. It did mention that across fifty local authorities outside London, an increase in the number of immigrants by just about thousand would mean a rise of unemployment amongst 900 youth.

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