The Immigration Debate Continues in Australia!

A populist solution has been followed by both- Julia Gillard, the Australian Prime Minister and Tony Abbott, the Leader of Opposition. This approach has been adopted in order to develop the infrastructure of the nation by cutting on the number of skilled migrants walking into Australia.

However, it seems as if some of the major factors have not been considered while planning. Contrary to the Rudd government which had plans for a “Big Australia” by 2050, the current government intends to cut down on immigration. As per Gillard and Abbott, it is important for the nation to be sustainable first so that it is able to accommodate the large numbers of immigrants walking into the nation each year.

At the same time, many critics have been arguing of this reason as being invalid. The main reason being that immigration has proved that there has been an expansion in the domestic economy of the nation. More so, the nation has had huge benefits when it came to regional communities. Also, not much has been done when it comes to the constant shortage of labor in the nation. This is only expected to increase in the coming decade as about 3.3 million baby boomers are walking towards retirement.

So, sustainability is not the main concern here as said by the leaders above. However, it does need more skilled migrants who can work, manage and establish urban planning in regional areas which need such development. Growth in population would lead the returning of raw commodity exports into the domestic economy which would be expanding. This would automatically create new jobs, thus hiking the economy further. This would strengthen the links at a global platform.

Above all, whatever happens, the nation would require more immigrants in the future to cater to its economy without which the economy would slowly crumble due to the lack of skilled workers.

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