Foreign born children of US citizens happily became legal US citizen!

July 1st was a significant day in the lives of many American kids born abroad who celebrated this day as they received their US citizenship certificates from the government. Many children between the age group of 3-14 years received their US citizenships. Some have expressed their feelings by saying that it is one of the most memorable days of their life as they have become the proud citizens of United States.

The US citizenship is the legal document for those children who are born in some foreign country but one of their parents is a citizen of United States. Being born to a US citizen already makes them a citizen of the nation. However, these children lacked the necessary legal documents which had to be issued by the Federal Government.

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 allows the children to become a legal citizen of US, if any one of their parents is a US citizen legally. Earlier, it was mandatory for both the parents to be the citizens of the nation for their foreign born children to acquire a US citizenship. But now they have introduced certain changes keeping the convenience of the American couples in mind. US immigration services have estimated that it grants around ninety certificates to foreign born children every month.

It is compulsory to be a citizen of the United States incase an individual wants to apply for educational loan, US security card and for government jobs in the country. For security reasons in the nation, it has become very important for every US resident to have a legal citizenship. As terrorism and illegal immigration is growing, citizenship is extremely important for anyone to live peacefully and with security in the country. And certificates really help in obtaining the permanent resident status. This also helps the person to freely exercise the right to vote in the nation.

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